What's your name?

What is your Church's name?

What city is your church in?

What were one or two of the greatest contributions from Worship Catalyst to your church?

How much do you agree with this statement:  Worship Catalyst helped move my church closer to reaching our goals in worship and creative arts?

Do you feel your Worship Catalyst team served your church with highest accountability, trust and honesty?

To help us improve, what are some ways you wish W.C. would have interacted with you differently or served you better?

Up to this point, how satisfied are you in the level of communication from the Worship Catalyst representative.

Overall, how would you rate Worship Catalyst and its interaction and activity in your church? (1-10 scale)

Would you recommend Worship Catalyst to another church plant in your area?

Everything Worship Catalyst does in assisting new churches, it does without cost to the church.  Would your church be interested in participating financially in the mission of Worship Catalyst across the country?

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